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Common Questions and Answers

Best Move Property are property specialist who deliver high levels of integrated services for landlords around the globe.

As an investor, we understand the three core elements to first class property management.

  1. A good tenant
  2. Rent being on time
  3. Your property is left in a good condition

While most questions stem themselves from the above, please see below a list of our most common.

Work arranged by Best Move Property is carried out by a suitably qualified and licensed tradespeople.  If the work required is covered by a warranty, our team will contact the supplier, or if the work is claimable under your Landlord or any other insurance policy, we can contact the insurer to claim on your behalf. Best Move Property have access to a wide range of trades people who have met our strict criteria.

You may choose to specify if pets are, or, are not allowed to form part of your Tenancy Agreements for your property. If you elect to allow pets, the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (RTRA Act) outlines the Tenant’s responsibility with having them at a rental property. Best Move Property can provide practical suggestions for your consideration before deciding if you will allow a pet or not.

Each business day rent arrears are monitored with action taken. If the Tenant is 1 – 4 days in arrears a reminder is sent via text, email or a phone call. If rent is in arrears on the 8th day, we issue a formal Notice to Remedy, as the law allows at this time. In this event, a Notice copy will be sent to you for your reference. If rent continues to be unpaid we issue a formal Notice to Leave when the law allows and send a copy to you.

We will communicate with you throughout this process and a Notice to Leave will never be issued without discussing the situation with you first. It is always our intention to minimise any loss to the landlord so these actions are carried out efficiently.

All monies received on your behalf are held in our regularly audited Trust Account. From these monies you may authorize Best Move Property to make any payments relating to your Property, eg council rates, insurance, repairs or maintenance.

The Trust Account period concludes with account processing occurring on the first business day of each month to comply with Trust Account auditor requirements. We electronically transfer your funds into your nominated financial account within the next 2 business days and also offer the convenience of mid-month payments.

It is simple, owners are switching to Best Move Property for various reasons but one in particular is wishing they had done it sooner! Simply fill out our enquiry form and we will take care of the rest. From contacting your tenants to collecting keys from your previous managers we ensure a smooth transition. Changing to Best Move Property couldn’t be easier.

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With today’s technology most tenants find rental properties online. In fact almost 99% of our enquiries are from online advertisements and the vast majority of our tenants pay rent electronically. More and more an agents location is becoming a concern of the past, allowing Best Move Property to efficiently service a larger geographic area. Combine this with our constant investment into leading technology and ability to quickly assess rents in any given area, the location of our portfolio varies and is never an issue.

Our aims here are to market to the right group of potential tenants, create a sense of urgency, and thoroughly process applications in an expedient manner (as most tenants apply for multiple properties). We do this with online marketing, having proactive, skilled leasing agents, and meticulous screening of all applicants.

We market our properties well before they are vacant ensuring we have time to find the best tenant and ensure minimal vacany for all our owners.

“Market Rent” is the term used for discovering how much similar properties are renting for in your area. Having the up-to-date, comparative information we can provide will assist you in your decision-making. While our aim is to achieve the best figure for you, we also won’t let your property linger on the market resulting in lost income/high vacancy.

Best Move Property implements comprehensive marketing campaigns for every property we manage. Stunning professional photography, detailed scripts, proven online marketing and highly skilled leasing agents all combine to achieve the best result for your property.

All tenants are required to give specific notice when they wish to vacate the property. Best Move Property ensures that all notice periods given by tenants is in full compliance with the Residential Tenancy Agreement signed by the tenant.

To minimise potential vacancy we implement the following procedure. Two months before the lease is due to end we will contact you to discuss the tenancy, give our recommendations of a rent review & seek your instructions as to whether a new lease will be offered to the tenant.

We then contact the tenant to either offer the new lease and seek their intentions or issue a notice to vacate. At least 2 months before your lease expires your tenant has either signed a new lease or given written notice that they will vacate at the end of the lease.

This allows our leasing team ample time find the best tenant possible and minimise downtime.  Sometimes, tenants have to break lease due to job transfers, etc. In this situation, your property will be advertised and a new tenant found for your approval, while the current tenant continues to pay their rent and any associated costs.

Before renting a Property it is highly recommended you have appropriate insurance cover such as ‘Landlord Protection Insurance’. We can provide various brochures from Insurance Companies providing this type of policy. In addition, building and contents insurance and public liability cover are vital. Packages are typically available from your preferred Insurer for cost effective and comprehensive protection.

For more information on landlord insurance, please click here.

A maximum amount equal to four weeks rent is to be paid by the Tenant as Bond prior to the Tenant moving into the Property unless the rent is greater than $700 per week. In this case, then an agreed amount can be requested to be paid over and above the four weeks rent as Bond.

The Bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority and held there until the Tenant vacates the premises and a thorough Agent Exit Property Inspection and report  is completed and we are satisfied the Tenant has returned the Property as required and all rent has been paid. The Bond is then dispersed appropriately.

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    Finally, we found someone! Compared to past experiences we found these guys amazing. Everything we needed to know was right here on their website….. thats how we found them as we were looking for tenancy information. Glad to be renting through Best Move Property. Thanks so much guys.

    James Tobin


    Hi ladies, as you know…. myself and the kids already consider you part of the family from all the help you gave us. If the landlord is as nice as you say, I hope we can call this our home for a long time to come.

    Michelle Smyth


    Thankyou so much ladies for all your help. We are so lucky to have found you as it’s made everything so much nicer in “our” new home, at least that how you made us feel. Thanks again.

    Bianca Jones

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