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We just want to protect your investment.

Our team at Best Move Property is comprised of dedicated professionals who each pride themselves on a reputation genuineness throughout the industry.  Good old fashion service values combined with cutting edge technology provide our landlords outstanding results and investment protection.

Our Landlord Information Pack contains information on the following:

  • Legal and Payment Information
  • Landlord Investment Protection
  • Strict Tenant Selection Criteria
  • BM Systems and Communications
  • Cutting Edge Service Information
  • Highest Tenancy Rates Possible
  • Landlord Fee’s and Cash Flow
  • Insurance Renewals and Claims

The single most important action of your property manager is securing a quality tenant for your property.

A quality tenant is one who is reliable and consistent in paying rent, who maintains your property in outstanding condition and who is diligent in alerting your property manager to any repairs needed or issues with the property. Below are just some ways in which we protect your investment.

Application Forms

Thorough screening for proof of identity, past tenancy history, current employment, references and financial situation.

Reference & Financial Checks

Independent verification of current/past employers, landlords and/or accountant etc.

Tenancy History Checks

Documented rental history, past rental payment ledgers from current and previous property managers and/or private landlords.

TRA Database Checks

The Trading References Australia database is a national database of problem tenants who have been blacklisted by other real estate agents.

Ingoing Condition Report

Photographs are taken to establish proof of condition and inclusions. Soft and hard copies of this report are saved and filed.

Routine Inspection & Reports

Regular physical inspections of your property are essential in protecting your investment

Digital Marketing Mediums

Your property can be advertised on key property websites such as along with our fully interactive platform and client database.

Repairs & Maintenance

Good communication with tenants and a computerised repair system that leads to timely maintenance.

Rental Reviews

Typically rental increases are undertaken annually to keep pace with the market while maintaining positive relationships with quality tenants.

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