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Starting A Tenancy

Before You Rent

The team at Best Move Property understand that the most important asset in your life is where you call home. In terms of the information that we share with you, this is in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Authority. There are rules that apply to tenants and property manager/owners in Queensland and these rules may differ from those in other states or countries. To ensure that your move is hassle free and as smooth as possible, it’s critical that our team work in line with the RTA to protect both yourself and your home.

When choosing a rental property, tenants should make sure a property matches their lifestyle and needs before signing a tenancy agreement.

Tenancy agreements – clicking the below links will direct you to the RTA to explain the types of tenancy agreements and what they must include:

Students– explains the rules and responsibilities for renting as well as information on how international students can receive bond refunds.

Useful contacts for tenants– other organisations that can assist tenants.

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Be sure to download a copy of the RTA’s new tenant checklist below. This checklist provides you with the important information you should check before and after signing your new tenancy agreement.

New Tenant Checklist

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    Finally, we found someone! Compared to past experiences we found these guys amazing. Everything we needed to know was right here on their website….. thats how we found them as we were looking for tenancy information. Glad to be renting through Best Move Property. Thanks so much guys.

    James Tobin


    Hi ladies, as you know…. myself and the kids already consider you part of the family from all the help you gave us. If the landlord is as nice as you say, I hope we can call this our home for a long time to come.

    Michelle Smyth

    Great Service

    Hi team, thankyou very much for all the hard work you do, we really appreciate it and have no hesitation in recommending you to others, as we have done. You can consider us long term clients based on the great service you provide.

    A & K Wilson

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